Infant Smart Start to Great Smiles

We are often fustrated when seeing very young patients who are devastated by early childhood cavities. This is a preventable problem.  To achieve our goal of prevention we are offering a free program for children 6 to 18 months of age.

Through early intervention and education Infant Smart Start to Great Smiles will help you keep your child’s teeth cavity free.
Your child’s visit in our office, will be scheduled for 30 minutes with one of our Treatment Coordinators. 
You will receive training in:
  • Inspecting your child’s teeth for signs of early decay.
  • Providing proper oral hygiene (brushing / flossing)
  • Importance of fluoride supplements
  • Proper diet   
  • Nursing and its relationship to tooth decay
  • Impact of oral habits such as pacifiers or fingers

You will also receive information packets for at home review.

Dr. Jenkins will not be involved with this visit.  This experience is informational in nature.  If concerns regarding your child’s oral health arise during this visit, a complete examination will be recommended.  
A child’s parents are the most important care-givers in promoting early childhood health.  This program will give you the tools that you need to provide your child with a beautiful lasting smile.  Please call us today to schedule your child’s visit at 570-538-5005.

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