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CEREC is a dental restoration system that allows Dr Jenkins to produce a new tooth with a camera and a computer system that mills your new tooth from beautiful solid porcelain while you wait.  With CEREC, teeth can be restored in a single sitting, rather than the multiple sittings required with earlier techniques.

Ten reasons to consider CEREC

10. Amazing beauty:  These restorations are all porcelain. There is no metal to cause a dark black line at the gum line.

9. Proven technology: CEREC has over two decades of clinical research and documentation.

8. No temporary to lose: Since we do CEREC in one visit there is no temporary to come loose or to be sensitive. It’s only one visit.

7. Less invasive: Together with laser dentistry we have been able to save teeth while preserving more of your natural tooth. We have been able to avoid certain surgeries to remove bone that would have been necessary otherwise.

6. Strength: These beautiful restorations are milled from a solid block of porcelain that is created under pressure. Thus, making it more dense and durable than materials that are fabricated in a laboratory.

5. CEREC Saves you money: We are finding that in many cases we are saving our patients around 20% of the total cost of a traditional restoration by avoiding additional procedures that would have been necessary.  One recent patient cut his costs in 1/2 and reduced his trips to our office from 5 to 1. Ask us how we can save you money.

4. Instant gratification: Silver fillings have been around since the 1800’s for a reason. They work. They are strong and they last, but they are not esthetically plesing and over time they start to leak, cracking your natural tooth and leading to new decay. CEREC solves those problems in a single visit. 

3. You only have to get numb once: Should this be the number one reason?

2. Saves more of your natural tooth: Because CEREC restorations are bonded in place, we can save a great deal of your natural tooth that would have  to be removed in a traditional porcelain and metal crown.

1. One Visit: No extra time off of work, no extra trips driving back and forth to the dentist.
So what is the most important reason to call us about CEREC? Do you enjoy having injections or would you prefer  to see us just once? Is taking time off of work easy for you or would a single visit be your ticket to dental health? What is it costing you to drive back and forth to the dentist? Would single visit solutions help keep your costs under control? What about the cost of procedures? Does the idea of saving money by having a bonded restoration rather than separate build up and crowns appeal to you?  Why not call us and ask us more about CEREC.

Technology to the Rescue with Dental Lasers
The first week we had the new dental laser in the office I was able to save a tooth for a patient that we could not have saved the week before. I was so excited!

A couple of weeks later that patient was in the office and was thrilled to report that she had no pain and the tooth was feeling great.

I was feeling pretty proud of our new technology, but then she said something that amazed me. “Dr. Jenkins your technology is great but I don’t come here for that. I come here because of the people; you and your amazing staff.”
You know she’s right. I’m so happy to let you know about our new technology but it still takes second place to our most important asset; our team of caring professionals.  All of the technology in the world doesn’t mean a thing if we don’t take the time to listen to you.

The technology is awesome….it is the second best part of our practice.

Dr. Carl Jenkins D.D.S.

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